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Every business starts with an idea, secret part is how to turn ideas to reality.
       Founded and corporated in Hong Kong in 1996, CCL, to cope with its name (China Container Line), quickly moves its path to mainland China where the core business starts.
       CCL positions itself focusing on business from China ,the largest emerging market ,to United States of America, the wealthiest market in the world right from its inception,
       In 15 years' time, CCL has not only become one of the major players in NVO business to the States from China, but expanded and is a leader as prime service provide into trades between East and West and slowly enters South and North's trade.
       CCL firmly makes its position in consolidation business and becomes one of the main brand names of consolidators from central China.
       Despite from NVO/Freight Forwarding business, CCL extends its service as a logistic service provider by investing our owned logistic centre in Ningbo. With 24,000 square meter warehouse space and 24,000 square meter depot area, equipped by 86 container trucks and advanced equipments, CCL can now provide with customers services from consolidation to PO management, from distribution to logistic solution.
       CCL has well established local business network for having 45 branch companies and representative offices to cover geographically major areas in China.

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